Travel Clinic

Please Note:. If you require information about your immunisations this can be found on your NHS App and your NHS account.

Travel Advice

If you are thinking of travelling, please check that the name on your passport is the same as the name on your NHS COVID Pass. If it isn’t, you will need to allow enough time to contact the passport office in order to make any changes required and ensure your passport is correct. Further information can be found at

If you are going abroad we can provide advice and give any immunisations you may need. Please fill in a travel immunisation advice form available here. There is a charge for most travel vaccinations.

Travel Information and Prices

We are pleased to offer a private travel service for our patients, and offer a limited number of travel appointments with our specially trained nurses. Please book early so that we can accommodate your needs and complete one of our travel forms at least 10 weeks before you plan to travel. If you are unable to do so we will advise that you make an appointment with a private travel immunisation clinic. Please see below for local providers.

If we are able to make you an appointment, some vaccines are free of charge, but most will incur a charge and will need to be paid for before administration. Once you have had your appointment you may incur additional charges subject to your travel plans, but the nurse will advise you once she has consulted with you.

Whilst we recognise that you may make last minute travel plans, we cannot guarantee last minute appointment availability. In many cases this is because vaccinations should be administered a certain number of weeks prior to travel.

Upon receipt of your travel form, it will be assessed by one of our travel nurses. Once they have indicated on the form how long an appointment you need and an estimate of the cost they will text you asking you to contact reception to book an appointment, therefore please ensure you include your mobile telephone number on the form. The receptionist will have access to your completed form and can give you a copy if we cannot make you an appointment at our travel clinic in order for you to take with you to another provider if this is required.

We are a registered Yellow Fever centre, but unfortunately there is currently a national shortage of the following vaccines: Yellow Fever, Typhoid & Rabies. We are continuing to obtain stocks of these vaccines as they become available, but they may not always be available.

Other local travel vaccination providers

(please note the list below is not exhaustive – other providers are available)